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Transformations for Mac

Don’t you hate it when you sit down to type out an email, you intensely focus on the keys your fingers are hitting, you get through two or three sentences before looking up, only to discover that you had the CAPS LOCK BUTTON ON, and it looks like you’re yelling? Mac users can enjoy a […]

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Mac Tune-up

Before long, I will publish some extensive details on why you need to tune up a PC and a Mac. For the purpose of this entry, I will only list some of the key components of a Mac tune up, that help to sustain the performance and power of your Mac. “Key components” being the […]

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Adobe Flash Player Updates

Malware often comes disguised as an update that looks legitimate, familiar, and necessary. If the maker of the malicious software can entice the user to click on it, they then have the ability to utilize an array of tools ranging from key loggers (software that logs what you type and where you type it, i.e. […]

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