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SpaceSaver – iOS 10.3

Apple has recently released what would be considered a major update to the iOS platform. IOS 10.3. There are many new features to be pleased about, but one in particular will be very exciting to the 16GB users. MORE SPACE! That’s right, Apple has pushed to optimize their current storage management in order to squeeze out as much space as possible for users. They rewrote the file system, which by the way will be a noticeable performance upgrade, and while under the hood they made some impressive changes to storage management. Now, 16GB users can extend the time between those dreaded “Unable to take more photos until you free up space on your device”, and in most cases, I am not just talking about a couple hundred megabytes! 

In order to perform the update you will need to free up at least 770MB of space on your device. However once the updae completes, you should see an increase of 2-7GB of space, depending on your current storage configuration, I.e. 16GB, 32GB, 128GB…etc. There are no exact numbers to reference as results vary based on many variables. However with the optimized storage management and all new file system, you can consider this to be a significant upgrade to your device, to both storage and performance. 
Thank you, Apple. 

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