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Latest Craigslist Scam

Latest Craigslist Scam

It recently became important to write out your email address in a unique way, in order to avoid getting spammed. Listing your email as “email1234 at yahoo dot com” would slip right by the bad-guy programs that are scanning Craigslist ads for email addresses. They can then use those emails to bombard you with junk mail, in hopes that you will click on something they send.


They have now outdone themselves, buy using these very same tactics to peek your interest. These guys are no longer trying to attack sellers by replying to ads. They have become the seller. They list a highly desired item, most often electronics, at a hard to believe great price that they are guaranteed to get a lot of inquiries for. At the end of the ad you’ll see something similar to “If interested email me: danielusa23 [ AT ] G..Mail”


You should avoid these ads. If you are not sure, you can google the “danilusa23” part (just the first part not the whole email address) and you will see that they have that same item listed in 12 other cities around the country. If you look at the ads, you’ll notice that they have changed something about the rest of the way they typed out the email address. To avoid getting flagged as spam by Craigslist, they will change the last part to something similar to “===>* ===> G M ail”


Replying to these ads will get your inbox filled up with some nasty adware attempting spam. Avoid these tempting ads and you will avoid the headaches that soon follow.


Very good Craigslist practice is to use an alias email account. One that can not come back to you. One that will not allow people to search you by email on Facebook or anywhere else.


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